The Rambler

2018-2019 Staff

Gordon Tuomikoski


What's up, I'm Gordon Tuomikoski. I'm 15, a Sophomore, and this is my first year on staff. Outside of school I love playing with synthesizers and making music, and right now my main keyboard is a Roland FA-08. I also love bird...

Justin Reed


This is Justin's first year on staff.

Isabella Milone


My name is Isabella Milone, and I am a junior at GCHS. This is my second year on the newspaper staff. I am a competitive swimmer and pianist. I plan to attend college to double major in criminal justice and Spanish and minor in...

Teresa Hutchinson


My name is Teresa Hutchinson and I'm a sophomore. This is my first year on the newspaper. I enjoy reading, sleeping, and Netflix & Chill. One of my favorite shows is Supernatural and Mikayuu is my OTP. My favorite...

Felix Cooper


Felix Cooper ♩Sophomore ♩ First year on staff   I am a musician and writer; father of lizards and dogs; and an actor.     My future plans are not yet decided....

Greg Topete


What's up my names Greg, a.k.a. The Independent Variable. I'm 17 years young. I'm a Senior. This is my second year on staff. I'm also in an alternative indie rock band called Moldy Skittles. My future plans are to go double platinu...

Zander Carda


This is Zander's third year on staff.

Erin Stanley


Erin Stanley. Senior. First year on staff. Excited to be here. That's all.

Gable Thompson


My name is Gable "The Atomic Flounder" Thompson. This is my second year writing for the Rambler. I'm 17 years young and I spend most nights working on school work, playing video games, or working at Olive Garden.

Lillian Becker

Features Editor

My name is Lillian Becker. I am a junior at GCHS. This is my second year on staff. I love to cheer, play soccer, and play piano. I plan to go to Iowa State.