The Rambler

2020-2021 Staff

Terra Jensen

Entertainment Editor

My name is Terra Jensen. I am a junior and I am the Entertainment Editor. This is my first year on staff. I like drawing and music, and I hope to pursue a career in art. I haven’t formalized any plans for college yet, altho...

Teresa Hutchinson

News and Features Editor

My Name is Teresa Hutchinson and I am a senior. This is my second year of being on the rambler staff. I am also the News and Features Editor. I don't usually get involved in activities but I enjoy reading, rollerskating, and...

Cole Lewis

Sports Editor

My name is Cole Lewis. I am a Junior and this is my 1st year on staff. I am in Band, Choir and Show Choir. I don't know where I am going to go for college yet.

Gordon Tuomikoski

Editor in Chief

My name is Gordon Tuomikoski. I am a senior and the editor in chief this year. This is my third year of staff. For hobbies I enjoy astrophotography, flying drones, and composing music. I plan to go off to Iowa Western for an Associa...