Phone Policy Revisited

Lillian Becker, Contributor

No phones during school hours is a rule receiving a great deal of attention. This policy has always been in place,  but this year the rules were clear.

The learning environment has changed in science teacher Alex William’s room.  “In my room, once the students knew the expectations, it has helped keep students engaged until the end of class,” he said.

Students in most cases understand the rule and give their phone to the teacher without a fight. The administration is fully behind this rule and support the teachers decisions in the classroom.

Band director David Clark agrees that the classroom environment is different. He said, “ We need all 136 band members to be paying attention when required.  If just one of them is peeking at a phone and doesn’t step off in time, it messes with our formations and can waste a lot of time when we have to repeat those sets.”

Usually after a quick reminder, students will put their phones away without being disrespectful to the teachers. Clark has never taken a phone to the office twice, but last year offenders would continue because there was not a clear consequence. Rules apply to all aspects of life so as students learn this their life at high school will improve.

Some students have a different opinion about the phone policy. Junior Emerald Nelson is a new student to Glenwood who moved from Treynor. Nelson said, “The phone policy at Treynor is similar to the one at this school. I am nervous to take my phone out because I do not want it taken away.”

Sophomore Emma McCollum is not a new student. McCollum said “ The phone policy is fair. I understand how it improves learning, that is why I am personally not upset by the enforced policy.”