Commentary: Dress Codes Are Unfair

Camryn Mullanix, Reporter


Many girls in our school often think the dress code is unfair. 

Every day students, generally girls, are dress coded constantly for wearing clothes they are comfortable in. 

Many people, including myself, have noticed girls are dress coded far more than boys. 

Whether it’s for shorts being too short, or their shoulders showing, dress coding girls for wearing clothes they like is wrong. 

Many people wear their clothes to express themselves, and this ability to do so may seem restricted because of the rules of the dress code. 

Reasons for dress codes include; preventing distractions, and supposably being responsible. 

Instead of dress coding girls and preventing them from wearing what they want, parents should be teaching their sons and daughters to express themselves and to not judge other people. 

Although these reasons are seen as responsible to adults, to students in school it seems unfair. 

“In middle school I was dress-coded for wearing a tank top,” said sophomore Trinity Kahl. “It was because my shoulders were showing.” 

Students as young as 11 in middle school can be shamed for what they wear to school, and this is a problem.