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Atypical, A Netflix Series

Camryn Mullanix, Reporter

One of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix is a show called “Atypical.”I love this show because it depicts a realistic picture of the life of a family going through struggles. The show is relatable but also very unique. 

Created by Robia Rashid, Atypical is a show that consists of everyday topics such as; mental illnesses, autism, LGBTQIA+, bullying, and different kinds of relationships. 

The story centers around the idea of what people with autism go through every day and finding out who they are. 

Atypical was released on Netflix August 11, 2017. The first season received mostly positive reviews, but it was also criticized for the lack of autistic actors. 

The series, directed by Michael Patrick Jann, is about a boy named Sam who struggles with autism as well as his sister Casey, who falls in love with someone she never thought she would. 

Sam, an 18-year-old boy in high school who is obsessed with Antarctica, deals with bullying and rude comments as he finishes his last year of high school. His sister Casey is very protective over him and sticks up for him whenever he’s pushed around. Sam panics when Casey decides to move to a private school instead of the public school they went to together. Sam and Casey live two very different lives and deal with problems differently. 

The actors do a great job at portraying people with real-life mental illnesses and they give their audience a more in-depth look at what life is like for people with these disorders. 

“Atypical” won the Ruderman Family Foundation Seal of Authentic Representation in 2020. 

I would rate this show 10/10 because of how well the show develops its plot and connects the audience with its characters.