Bands Achieve Division One Ratings


David Clark

Black Band members pointing to their posted Division One Superior rating at Atlantic High School.

Claire Hunt, Reporter


Both bands recently traveled to Atlantic on Friday, May 7 for Large Group Festival.


The Black Band competed with songs, “Flying Cadets,” “Blue Mountain Saga,” and “Crest of Nobility.”


The Gold Band also took part in the competition with the songs, “Land of the Healing Waters”, “Amazing Grace,” and “Cyrus the Great.”


Both Black and Gold bands achieved earned division 1 ratings.


“We received Division 1 Superior ratings from all three judges to earn a Superior rating overall for the Gold Band,” said junior Harbour Buchanan.


The bands learned many important lessons from their recent competition in Atlantic.


“We learned the importance of being prepared for events,” said freshman Aubrey Mullanix.


Even though the pandemic has drastically affected the high school, the band has continued to find a way to work around the problem, while still ensuring safety.


“I learned that even through hard times due to Covid, we can still perform and prepare at an extremely high level while ensuring the safety of our classmates and family members,” said Buchanan.


The bands have continued to push through the difficulties that this year has thrown at them, while still improving throughout the year.