Resident Evil 8 Generates Many DIffering Opinions Online

One of the characters, Lady Dimitrescu flashing her blades in promotional material.

One of the characters, Lady Dimitrescu flashing her blades in promotional material.

Reece Jacob, Reporter

Resident Evil 8: Village released on May 7, 2021 to very high reviews, but with many differing opinions. The reviews differed in their interpretations of the game. It can be confusing to read reviews that are contradictory to others, so I’m here to clear the mist. Here’s why a lot of people are split on certain aspects of the game.

Let’s start with the things that I don’t see much disagreement on. The graphics are astounding, and I haven’t seen anybody say otherwise. Almost everyone says the gunplay is really good, a big improvement from Resident Evil 7. Locations and environments are spectacular, and it’s just a great game.

I’d say the biggest thing to understand is that this game is not supposed to be as scary as the last game. Village puts a lot more emphasis on survival instead of fear. The game is still horror-themed though, with vampires and monsters, and that’s never going to go away.

I think the main reason there’s a lot of disagreement on this is because of one specific part in the game “The Dollhouse”. This is objectively the scariest part of the game. However, a lot of content creators found it to not be scary at all. I would say this is the part of the game where most people are split.

For the content creators, I think the reason it wasn’t scary for them was because of the chat or the commenters. For most of these people, the game wasn’t terrifying like the last game, so a lot of people would say, “Just wait until you get to the dollhouse.” For most content creators, that was all they heard for a while, so it’s safe to say that they were expecting to be blown away. While it was still scary, it most likely didn’t live up to expectations.

Honestly, the other reviewers don’t make it better either. I notice a lot of people that say this game was as scary as 7 only talked about The Dollhouse. They say that the entire game was scary, and then only bring up one part. That’s where I’d say the confusion starts. If a game is only scary for one part, it isn’t completely a scary game.

In short, content creators had too high of expectations and other reviewers only focused on one specific part. You can definitely see this happen a lot with some horror games, but I’ve never seen it as strong as this one.

The story is the second aspect of the game that people are generally split on. I see a lot of people say the story is really well done, and then I see people say it’s one of the worst stories in the main series. Granted, this part of the game is not nearly as divided as the last topic, but I think it’s still worth talking about.

I don’t think there’s much logic I can find out of this one, unlike the last topic. Whenever people have differing opinions on the story, I think it’s mostly safe to go right down the middle, in this case, a 7/10 story. I did notice there were some things about the story that made it seem worse for some people. For example, my older brother really dislikes how every Resident Evil game has to tie the story back to the Umbrella Corporation, which to him, makes the stories convoluted and weird. I guess if something like that seems worse to you, you’ll like the story less.

The last thing people are split by is the first-person viewpoint. A lot of people really prefer when this series goes in third-person mode, which I can understand sometimes. For the games that are more focused on horror, the first-person makes a lot of sense. However, this is a game focused on survival, and it’s third person? I don’t see this as a major flaw like many others, it really isn’t anything worth getting upset about.

Overall, this game is very good, but certain parts may seem better or worse to different people, and reading reviews about this game may not totally work. Nevertheless, if this game sounds interesting to you, by all means, go play it.