Students Awarded at Fine Arts Night


Gordon Tuomikoski

Fine Arts Night was held on May 11.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Editor-in-Chief

Students were congratulated and honored at the annual Fine Arts Night on May 11.

Junior Harbour Buchanan performed a Sonata for Oboe and was awarded Solo Ensemble Outstanding Performance.

Junior Audrey Zielstra performed Prelude #1 Mi Menor for Marimba and was also awarded Solo Ensemble Outstanding Performance.

Senior Ethan Wyatt was awarded Artist of the Year.

Senior Vivianne Payne was awarded the John Phillip Sousa Award.

Senior Nathan Rohrberg was awarded the Woody Herman Award.

Senior Chloe Morse was awarded National Outstanding Color Guard.

Senior Dylon Cox was awarded the Patrick Gilmore and Louis Armstrong Awards.

Senior Noah Kolle was awarded the National Outstanding Marching Band award.

Senior Sarah Clayton was awarded the Choral Scholar, Outstanding Large Group Speech Performer, Outstanding Individual Speech Performer, and Michael Schmidt Memorial Speech Awards.

Seniors Lachlan Ruff and Maggie Begbie were awarded the Outstanding Drama Student awards.