Ethan Wyatt Wins All-State Art Contest


Gordon Tuomikoski

1: Senior Ethan Wyatt poses at the Coop Art Show in December; 2 and 3: Wyatt’s paintings “Sunset Skeleton” and “Mantis in the Matrix” both helped him win the all-state award.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Ethan Wyatt was selected and awarded as the winner of the 2021 Iowa All-State Art Competition as the second awardee in Glenwood history.

Wyatt’s submitted pieces included his paintings “Mantis in the Matrix” and “Sunset Skeleton.” He was selected from hundreds of students. The only other Glenwood student to win the award was graduate Jacy Embray in 2015.

“It feels good to have worked to get here now,” said Wyatt. “I knew this was a goal of mine for a while now.”

Wyatt’s art talent was a recent discovery and something he had only really started focusing on in high school.

“I’ve been making art my whole life but finally started to take it seriously my freshman or sophomore year,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt does personal works and commissions outside of school as well.

“I do commissions all the time,” said Wyatt. “It’s my second best source of income at the moment. I sell my work sometimes but I don’t like to if it’s not a commission.”

Wyatt has loved art his whole life, despite his recent delve into the field.

“My grandma used to sit and draw with me a lot, and that’s why I like it a lot now,” said Wyatt. “One of my idols for art is Alex Grey, he makes visionary and psychedelic renderings of his own spiritual experiences.”

Wyatt is hoping to continue art as a career after high school and pursue his talent.

“My plan after high school is to go to Kansas City Art Institute. I have a half scholarship right now and am hoping to recieve more considering the most recent award.”

Because of this prestigious honor, Wyatt is now considered among the best high school artists in Iowa.

“He was judged one of the top artists in the state of Iowa,” said Art Instructor Jeff Yoachim. “This was a very selective competition.”