Junior Buddies


Claire Hunt

Student filling out a junior buddy application.

Claire Hunt, Reporter

Junior buddies are a group of high school students who help ease the transition of incoming ninth-graders to high school.

Juniors joined this program by following the simple application process. 

First, the students filled out applications which consisted of the student’s involvement in the school, grades, and input from school staff. 

Applications will be reviewed by guidance counselor Kathleen Loeffelbein as well as teachers.

The transition from middle school to high school can be a challenging time for many students because the idea of high school can be overwhelming.

Junior buddies selected will help ease stress felt by incoming freshmen by providing a familiar face and a friend to help them find their classes. 

The next step for the junior buddies is becoming senior ambassadors.

“In addition, these Junior Buddies become Senior Ambassadors next year, still helping their now freshmen buddies along with serving as a ‘first face’ to welcome students new to our district at GHS,” said Loeffelbein. 

This program is a great asset to our school that helps many students with the transition from middle school to high school.