Jess’ Judgment


Jess Herron, Reporter

Hey there, my name is Jess! I’m starting a new section of the Rambler critiquing Cole’s Convictions called Jess’ Judgment. Let’s see how Cole ranked school lunches.

  1. Cole said: Crispitos. In my opinion, this is ridiculous. Crispitos should be ranked higher on the list, somewhere in the middle. It’s a classic that might be a little overrated, but definitely not deserving of such a low ranking.


  1. Cole said: Mandarin chicken. No way. Out of all lunches on this list, I would rank this number one. Something about mandarin chicken speaks to me.


  1. Cole said: Hamburger. Honestly, I think this is actually a pretty good placement. It’s not the best and could never be in the top five. However, in comparison to other school lunches, this beats most.


  1. Cole said: BBQ Rib. I can understand Cole’s placement of this, but I would put this much higher. I’d put this in third place. There’s nothing wrong with it, and it tastes really good.


  1. Cole said: Walking Taco. Maybe this could be here. The meat tastes a little too fake for me personally. This could go a little lower but not by much.


  1. Cole said: Chicken Strips. I completely agree with this. Chicken strips are a classic that can’t be messed up. And wrapped in a tortilla with cheese, ranch, and lettuce? Yes, please!


  1. Cole said: Super Nachos. If I’m being honest, I don’t think this should be on here. Instead, I propose the pizza crunchers. Super nachos have too much cheese. The chips absorb all of the moisture from the cheese, making everything soggy and gross. Get it out of here.


  1. Cole said: Breakfast. This should be higher. Pancakes, french toast, omelets, all of it. Amazing. This is my number two.


  1. Cole said: Breaded Cheese Sticks. Although these should be up here, I don’t think they belong this high. Maybe in eighth or ninth place, but not much higher. Overall though, they really aren’t that bad. Cheese tastes real, even though the texture is a little weird.


  1. Cole said: Grilled Cheese. What. On. Earth. I’m sorry, this is horrible. This doesn’t belong up here and should never even be considered in the top 20. Cole must have been hit in the head before making this list, grilled cheese at first is absolutely crazy. Burnt bread and suspiciously plastic cheese? I think I’m good.

In conclusion, my list would look like this-

  1. Mandarin Chicken
  2. Breakfast Food
  3. BBQ Rib
  4. (Hear me out) Deli Sandwich
  5. Hamburger
  6. Chicken Strips
  7. Crispitos
  8. Breaded Cheese Sticks
  9. Pizza Crunchers
  10. Walking Taco