Cole’s Convictions


Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

Welcome back to Coles Convictions this is my rating of the top 10 picks in the NFL Draft. 

10. Dallas Cowboys traded to the Philadelphia Eagles to take Devonta Smith –  He is a very adequate receiver and already has a former relationship with Jalen Hurts the quarterback and with the receivers they have now are getting pretty old he should play for a long time with them good job Philadelphia.

9. Denver Broncos take Patrick Surtain II – He is a superior cornerback and will be a great fit for the broncos defense. But in their position they really needed to get a new quarterback with Mac Jones and Justin Fields still on the board there. You took a cornerback over the quarterback not very bright for the team.

8. Carolina Panthers get Jaycee Horn – He is another satisfactory cornerback and will definitely be a star for this up and coming team, but with them just getting a new quarterback, Sam Darnold, and already having weapons like D.J Moore, Robby Anderson and Christian McCaffrey, they definitely should have taken a lineman to help protect Darnold maybe like an OT Rashawn Slater could have been better.

7. Detroit Lions with Penei Sewell – He is also going to be a worthy protector for their new quarterback Jared Goff, but what is the point in protecting him when he does not have weapons to throw to anymore because they got rid of Kenny Golladay and their best receiver is their tight end T.J. Hockensen. They definitely should have taken the better receiver here like Devonta Smith.

6. Miami Dolphins took Jaylen Waddle – He is reminiscent of Jealon Reager when he went to the Eagles, and he is a great route runner who has the speed to get around the corners also with the old relationship with Tua, his new QB, they will make a great duo.

5. Cincinnati Bengals get Ja’marr Chase – Probably the best pick of the night. Joe Burrow gets his old friend to reunite with and a great receiver to help take him to the next level, Chase is so dominant on the field and has the power and the speed to get past the corners and catch the ball.

4. Atlanta Falcons got Kyle Pitts – Another outstanding pick, probably the best player overall in this entire draft class with the Falcons new weapons having Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley on the outside and then having Pitts play wherever he needs to, whether it be inside or outside he can literally do both, they definitely have the best-receiving core in this season but can Matt Ryan deliver?

3. Trey Lance drafted to the San Francisco 49ers – He is definitely a proficient quarterback and will do for a couple of years and then he will need to be replaced. The 49ers definitely could have gotten a better quarterback for this pick like Justin Fields who ended up going eleventh to the Chicago Bears or Mac Jones who went fifteenth to the New England Patriots.

2. Zach Wilson and the New York Jets – He is a decent quarterback and will definitely make an impact for them, but he is not the second-best quarterback in this draft, nor the second-best player in the whole draft. They could have easily taken somebody better, like Justin Fields.

1. Trevor Lawrence goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars – He is going to make an impact for them with the new head coach Urban Meyer. This was a wise pick, but they are still probably going to need to rebuild this program for at least a couple of years until they get back to the playoffs because one player won’t do that but keep going.

That is my top 10 rating of the NFL Draft and next up will be my top 10 elective offered at this school.