Show Choir Concludes Difficult, Memorable Season


Gordon Tuomikoski

Fast Lane performs their song “Boulevard of Cool Kids” for junior and senior connections groups.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Editor-in-Chief

The show choir group called Fast Lane concluded their season with a performance for students on Friday, April 16 after a long winter performance season.

Fast Lane had a strong season, competing five times, placing first in their division at North Polk and second at Lewis Central.

They performed six songs overall, featuring solos from sophomore Derek Taylor; juniors Raegan Rappley, Katelyn Christensen, Josh Nieman; and seniors Sarah Clayton and Lachlan Ruff.

“I thought it was absolutely incredible,” said Ruff. “I love doing solos.”

Taylor joined show choir for his first year, and despite his recent addition to the group, was awarded with a soloist part.

“I liked having the opportunity to perform a solo,” said Taylor. “It made me feel important in the choir.”

Show choir is a difficult activity, involving synchronization and multitasking, and it requires a ruthless amount of practicing.

“The practices are difficult,” said Ruff. “There’s a lot of practice before you even get your first performance.”

Like with most activities this year, COVID-19 was a challenge, especially for the fast-paced, singing nature of show choir.

“Performing in masks has been a struggle, but we have worked through it,” said Director Kevin Kilpatrick. “Competitions were very different this year. However, we felt fortunate to be performing as many schools did not have a show choir this year.“

Fast Lane does not have any more performances, but the next season will begin next August.

“I love working with the students and seeing the growth over the year,” said Kilpatrick.