Coles Convictions

Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

Hello and welcome back to Coles Convictions. This time we are doing the top 10 school lunches.

10. Crispitos – Honestly it is my least favorite lunch just because there is not much there, even though it is the number one liked by the students.

9. Mandarin Chicken – Not a fan of the mandarin flavored chicken but the rice is alright, even though it is the second favored by the students.

8. Hamburger – Just super plain and boring and is alright at best and is the least liked by students.

7. BBQ Rib –  A plain rib is alright but the BBQ sauce really doesn’t make it much better. They put way too much on it, and are the sixth favorite by students.

6. Walking Taco – A fairly popular lunch especially at any sports events the taco meat and then the melted cheese and is the fourth favorite lunch by the students.

5. Chicken Strips – You can’t go wrong with the strips especially with some ranch and even better in a tortilla is the ninth favorite.

4. Super Nachos – Although they are technically not super nachos, they are just nachos which are still good, the crunch of the chips and the melted cheese are the eighth

3. Breakfast – Another simple breakfast lunch with the mini pancakes and the cheese omelet and the TWO hash browns so good, also is the fifth favorite lunch by students.

2. Breaded Cheese Sticks – The lunch is just so amazing with the buttery goodness on the outside of the bread and the cheesy goodness inside is the third favorite.

1. Grilled Cheese – Nobody really likes this as I do but the grilled cheese is so amazing all the cheese inside the toasted bread and done perfectly but it is the seventh favorite by students.

That is my top 10 article on school lunches. The next Coles Convictions you will see is my opinion of the NFL Mock Draft.