Promposals Provide a Cute Start to the Season


Hayley Tate

Junior Hayley Tate uses puns to get herself a date to prom.

Reece Jacob, Reporter

Prom is an event that many juniors and seniors look forward to in the spring. Many students like to ask others to prom in unique and fun ways. These have been dubbed, “Promposals”.

We recently surveyed the juniors and seniors about promposals. Out of 49 responses, 75.5% said they liked the ideas of promposals.

There are many ways to do a promposal, and the majority of them are clever, cute or both.

“I went to Tastee Treat, my date’s favorite ice cream shop, and gave her a sign and some ice cream saying: ‘Prom with you would be a treat”, said junior Grant Von Essen.

While a lot of people really like the idea of a promposal, the majority of people surveyed said they probably would not prompose to anybody. Around 48% of people said they would not do it, with 36% saying they would and 16% were undecided.

Here are some other unique promposals.

“I dressed up as a hotdog and made a sign that said: Don’t be a meanie and go to prom with this weenie!“ said senior Vivianne Payne.

“I bought my date a green bowtie to match my dress and made a sign that said, ‘Let’s make everybody else green with envy, will you go to prom with me?” said senior Zoe Howell.

“I decorated a room with a bunch of lights hanging from the ceiling and made a poster that said: ‘Will you light up my night at prom?” said senior Marissa Ausdemore.

“I was given a sign with a cute pun on it and some tins of silly putty!” said junior Dana Cutshall. “It was the cutest thing ever.”