NHS Clean an Estimated 40+ Bags of Trash

Jonny McDaneld, Reporter

On April 10 the NHS Chapter hosted the annual Spring Clean-up to say thank you to the community for their continued support for all of the NHS members. Collecting an estimated 40 bags or more of debris the cleanup was a resounding success helping many homes in the Glenwood community.

“The Marketing Class with Mrs. Johnson had a competition for flyer designs” said Jamie Apperson, the NHS Sponsor. “The winning designs were printed and spread throughout town and on social media. Interested community members signed up for help with the spring clean-up.”

The cleanup attendees were split into groups each responsible for two to four homes.

“Our service was for free will donation, only” said Apperson. Some, however, were willing to be quite generous. “One of our home owners donated $300 and pizza to the group.”

In total the cleanup raised $400 for the NHS and greatly helped the community.

“National Honor Society is founded on four guiding principles: Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service” said Apperson.

With members expected to participate in all NHS events, it’s a major responsibility for busy high school students but will teach them invaluable life skills and help with character growth.

With a grateful community, great volunteer work, and a cleaner community the NHS not only helped those they cleaned for directly, but also the greater community by promoting a cleaner town and a healthy planet.