Boys’ Tennis Pick up five Wins, Look Forward to Midseason

Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

The boys’ tennis team has a record of 5-2 to date. 

Tennis is a sport that is scored differently from others. They have ten matches, five singles and five doubles. The varsity lineup is numbered one through five and the number one from each team faces the number one from the other team and so on. Then the number one and number two players will face the number one and number two doubles and so on. 

After all the matches have been played, whoever won more matches in the meet and wins.

The numbers for the lineup currently are always changing making it hard to stay on varsity.

Senior Teagan Matheny, senior Logen Clark, sophomore Tyler Harger, junior Josh Nieman, sophomore Trice Buchanan, sophomore Ben Batten, freshmen Bryant Keller, and freshmen Brody Taylor have all seen time in the Varsity lineup 

Individuals who have participated in the JV matches include junior Carter Kirsch, freshmen Brody Taylor, senior Zander Hayes, freshmen Nolan Allmon, sophomore Evan Soergel, senior Riley Giesting, and sophomore Sawyer Patzer.  

Head Coach Grant Stivers sees marked growth in his players’ skills. 

The guys come to practice every day with a mentality to compete against one another, this helps prepare us for our opponent day in and day out,” said Stivers “The growth everyone has shown from day one to now has been spectacular.”

There is only one returning senior varsity player Matheny. 

“In singles, I wasn’t quite able to start off where I wanted to be, but I know there’s room for improvement,” said Matheny “In doubles, Clark and I still have room to improve,  but I’m very lucky to have a teammate I work well with and have plenty of fun playing with.”

But everybody still has their own personal goals for the rest of the season.

“My goals are to stop giving up so many sets and to work on where to place the ball,” said senior Clark.

The team will compete next at the Atlantic Tournament April 24.