Concert Band Performs First Live Concert


Teresa Hutchinson, News and Feature Editor

The GCHS Concert Band blew the audience away during their first live concert in the GCHS auditorium on March 8.

All band members participate in the Concert Band which is divided into a black band, usually underclassmen and a few seniors, and a gold band, consisting mainly of seniors.

“The black band has some serious freshmen musicians and a large group of juniors who are all very good players,” said Band Director David Clark. “The gold band is full of seniors this year. I am extremely proud of the seniors that dedicate themselves to our band.”

The concert band had a theme that, once revealed, amused the audience. The black band started off the concert with songs of sand and desert settings like “Aladdin” and “Sands of the Sahara,” leading the gold band to play songs of water and the oceans like “Land of Healing Waters” until they were attacked by pirates during “Pirates of the Caribean.”

Due to the current pandemic, the concert band has had no live performances until the March 8 performance nor any live competitions. Solo and ensemble auditions were all virtual where students recorded themselves and then submitted the recordings.

Students have shown mixed feelings about virtual auditions and some have pointed out that they may even prefer the new virtual way.

“I’m a little relieved that it’ll be recorded instead of a live performance,” said sophomore Kathryn Graham. “I can go through as many takes as I need, as well as not have any performance fright.”