Girls Powder Puff Football Game


Provided by Erin Schultz

Senior girl group with coach after their games.

Trinity Kahl, Co Feature Editor

The annual PowderPuff game, (held at the GCSD Athletic Complex) took place  March 20. 

PowderPuff is a tournament in which girls form teams to go against each other in a game of football.

The PowderPuff game is created by the Student Council.

“The main purpose of the PowderPuff game is to spend time outside of the classroom with our peers and to create memories and positive experiences.” Said Student Council adviser Alex Williams. 

The admission and concessions stand sales went toward the after-prom fund and will be used to create another positive experience on May 1st. 

In the first game, the Juniors defeated the Freshman 46-6.

In the second game, the Sophomores defeated the Seniors 12-6.

In the championship, the Sophomores defeated the Juniors 18-12 in overtime.

Freshman who participated in this year’s PowderPuff tournament includes: Lydia Fuoss, Neyla Nanfito, Zoie Carda, Liz Thiesen, Jordin Acosta, Lauren Hughes, Danika Arnold, Julia Nightser, Faylynn Griffin, Emily Lundvall, Mckenna Koehler, Faith Weber, Ava Scott. 

Sophomores: Kate Hughes, Lauren Stanislav, Lindsay Woods, Molly Williams, Carissa Groom, Nora Dougherty, Hallee Lincoln, and Kaylyn Book. Coaches: Ben Hughes, Ryan Blum.

Juniors: Abby Hughes, Kamryn Crouch, Lauren Roenfeldt, Alissa Brummer, Grace Nightser, Riley Weise. 

Seniors: Bree Severn, Avery Blasdel, Haley Woods, Erin Schultz, Lauren Becker, Emma Hughes, Elle Scarborough, Morgan Stanislav, Maggie Begbie, Larissa Pelley, Marissa Ausdemore, Kelly Embray, Jaylin Woodward, Cadyn Young. Coaches: Silas Bales, Drew Gill, Sully Woods, Peyton Maxwell.