Sophomore Earns Second Place in College Competition


Terra Jensen

Sophomore Jessica Herron playing the marimba.

Terra Jensen, Entertainment Editor

The Cyclone Solo Percussion competition is a state-wide competition that is open to any high school student. Sophomore Jessica Herron entered and earned second place. 

For the competition, there were two categories to choose from; mallet keyboard and concert snare drum. Herron played the four-mallet marimba piece “Hummingbird” by Michael Smith. 

“Not a lot of people entered, but I think it was worth it,” said Herron. “I got some pretty awesome prizes for getting second.”

Herron also received great feedback from Dr. Jonathan Sharp the Assistant Professor of Music Percussion at ISU and a former Glenwood student Nicholas Bahr.

“Her hands were a little tense at times, but overall very nice work,” said ISU Percussion Studio member Bahr.

She worked on perfecting the song for almost two months before finally submitting her recording.

“She’s probably one of the hardest-working kids I’ve ever had,” said band director David Clark.

Herron hopes to enter more competitions in the future, not just to get more prizes, but to better herself as a performer.