Art Students Receive Honorable Mentions in Competition


Ethan Wyatt

Hypno by Ethan Wyatt.

Jess Herron, Reporter

Three art students won honorable mentions for their pieces submitted in the Iowa-wide Scholastic Art & Writing Competition in December, competing against thousands of other students. 

 The Scholastic Art & Writing Competition offers Iowa art students the opportunity to compete at an advanced level in different categories for their art. 

 “An honorable mention is in the top 10% of competitors,” said junior Terra Jensen, “I’m really proud of how I did.”

Winter Fox (Terra Jensen)                                                                                    

These art students poured hours into their work, taking as long as four weeks to complete their pieces. They were also able to submit more than one piece and had the option to compete in different categories, including Drawing & Illustration and Ceramics & Glass.

Competing in this competition also opened up opportunities for scholarships, which could prove helpful when pursuing a career in the arts.

 “I plan to go to art school in Kansas City and do graphic design for corporate accounts,” said senior Ethan Wyatt. 

 Wyatt submitted several paintings, his piece “Hypno” received an honorable mention.

 Students who received honorable mentions include senior Wyatt, juniors Jensen and Lauren Culp.

Lidded in Blue (Lauren Culp)