Environmental Club Welcomes New Members

Environmental Club Welcomes New Members

Trinity Kahl, Reporter

Environmental club is a new school club that has been started by juniors Audrey Zielstra, Lillie Albers, and Molly Killion. 

The club meets in Instructor Jennifer Lewis’s room at different times. It focuses on helping the environment and helps put a stop to climate change. 

Students interested in the environmental club will find it easy to join and new members are always welcome.

“You pretty much just have to tell somebody in the club that you are interested and you can go to meetings and activities as frequently or infrequently as you want,” said Killion. 

Members have not been able to get together often due to both COVID and the weather, but they have come together and written letters to Iowa legislators asking them to vote for environmentally-friendly bills.

The club is looking to achieve more as they continue to meet.

“In the future, we hope to do more activities in the community,” said Killion. “Once the weather gets warmer we hope to do things like community clean-ups and maybe eventually raise money for charities working to help the environment by doing things like cleaning up the oceans.”

They are looking to inform others about how to get the environment clean and make a difference to keep our planet healthy.

“We just want people to know that we’re a group of people who care about our earth and want to do whatever we can to encourage people to take care of it,” said Killion. “You can be as involved as you want and while we would love to have everyone at meetings and activities, we understand how busy people are and want to be as flexible as possible.” 

Members of the club include seniors Mackenzie Woods; juniors Killion, Albers, Zielstra, Lauren Culp, Kenzie and Jasmine Porter and Harbour Buchanan; sophomores Allie Russman, Josselyn Wallis, Chelsea Vang and Jessica Herron.