Senior Wrestlers and Wrestling Cheer Recognized


The Wrestling Cheer team poses on January 28.

Claire Hunt, Reporter

Senior Night was a time to recognize wrestlers and cheerleaders on their achievements during their final year in high school. 

On January 28 senior athletes were escorted by their parents into the gym in front of all of their coaches and teammates in honor of their dedication and hard work.

Wrestling is a great way for students to get involved in their school, find something they are passionate about, and meet new friends along the way.

Not only have I learned how to wrestle well,” said senior wrestler Sully Woods “but I’ve also learned how to work hard at something.” 

Cheerleading is a major part of getting the crowd excited and keeping the energy up for the players.

“Cheerleading has taught me good leadership skills,” said senior cheerleader Karlee Raymond “because many underclassmen on the team came to me for help, and I wanted to make sure I could give them the guidance they were looking for.”

Seniors specifically play a major role in teaching the underclassman confidence and leadership skills. 

 “The best advice I could give is to just live in the moment and don’t let time slip by you.” said senior cheerleader Grace Minchew. 

Seniors helped prepare the juniors for the responsibilities of next year and make great role models for the younger grades. 

“No matter how hard it gets, keep trying your hardest.” said senior Sully Woods.

Wrestling seniors include Woods and Zander Hayes. Senior cheerleaders include Raymond, Minchew, Jocelynn Lindgren and Amanda Kephart.