Results for Allstate Band Available


Teresa Hutchinson

Junior percussionist Audrey Zielstra makes the Allstate orchestra and former student sophomore saxophonist Ashley Wienburgh earns honorable mention.

Teresa Hutchinson, News and Feature Editor

All-state band results were announced in November, two GCHS students succeeded. Junior Audrey Zielstra and former student sophomore Ashley Wienburgh completed their auditions with flying colors.

Auditions are expected to be perfect for nearly seven minutes of their performance. Between the instruments’ scales, etudes, and a portion of their solo, everything is expected to be flawless.

In the past five years, there have only been two percussionists in the Glenwood community to make All-state, and Zielstra is the first-ever junior from Glenwood to make it into the orchestra. In addition to the lessons with Instructor David Clark, Zielstra also takes lessons with another percussionist.

“I practiced daily after school, during Clark’s weekly lessons during school, and even had private lessons from an amazing percussionist band director in Logan-Magnolia High School who taught me technique,” said Zielstra. “I’d take that back to my lessons with Clark to learn the actual music and push myself until I got it right.”

Achieving honorable mention, for Wienburgh is the equivalent of being an understudy for another orchestra member. Wienburgh plans to use the experience to prep her for the next Allstate competition.

“While this position is not exactly what I aimed for, winning was a huge confidence boost,” said Wienburgh, “I cannot wait to work even harder to get into the orchestra next time.”

Zielstra and Wienburgh thank their directors for pushing them to high standards, particularly Clark. Clark is proud of the two for their accomplishments.

“Students compete against every school within their district, which makes it even more competitive because we have Waukee High School, Dallas Center-Grimes High School, Abraham Lincoln High School, and other large districts that have a much larger talent pool and more access to private instruction,” said Clark. “All students put their best effort into this competition and I am happy to say I got to help them along.”