Cole’s Convictions


Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

It’s been a while but I am back as this is the top 10 best college football playoff matches that I can recall.

  1. The 2017 National Championship game was by far the best college football game I have ever witnessed, it consisted of Deshaun Watson and the Clemson Tigers taking on Jalen Hurts and Alabama Crimson Tide. That game came down to the last minute play by Watson. Watson rolled out of the pocket and threw a short pass right to Hunter Renfrow at the sideline in the endzone, and the Clemson Tigers won the National Championship 35-31.
  2.  The 2018 National Championship was another great battle between the two school rivals Alabama and Georgia. The Dawgs were pounding the Tide the whole game until Tua Tagovoiloa came in, and he led the second-best comeback in football history behind the patriots in Superbowl 51. Tagovailoa led the Crimson Tide from 0-13 to a 26-23 National Championship.
  3. The 2016 National Championship game otherwise known as the O.J. Howard game. The tight end had horrible numbers going into the game and barely touched the ball. He had five receptions for 208 yards and two touchdowns for Alabama. Even though he had played the game of his life, they still had just barely won the game. With a late drive, the Roll Tide won the game 45-40.
  4. In 2018 Tua Tagavoiloa and the Alabama Crimson Tide rolled past the Oklahoma Sooners and the Heisman winner Kyler Murray 45-34 in the Orange Bowl. Tagovailoa was the runner-up for the Heisman. Oklahoma had a tough start to the game when their offense was only going backward and the defense couldn’t stop Tagovailoa. 
  5. In 2018 Jake Fromm and the Georgia Bulldogs beat Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners in a close and long battle 54-48. This game was remarkable because both teams scored so much in the second quarter and led it to a second overtime. The play that made it unremarkable was Sony Michel running it in for the game-winning touchdown.
  6. In 2015 Marcus Mariota and the Oregon Ducks flew past the Florida State Seminoles and Jameis Winston 59-20 in the Rose Bowl. At halftime, it was closer than predicted with a score of 18-13. Then in the first 18 minutes of the second half, the Seminoles had 5 turnovers and the Ducks capitalized on all of them.
  7. In the 2015 Sugar Bowl, the Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Alabama Crimson Tide 42-35. The Buckeyes kept falling short so many times at the beginning of the game and driving down the field strongly but never capitalizing having settled for the chip shot field goal. Alabama had three amazing players who helped them get where they were. But the Ohio State Buckeyes never gave up with Cardale Jones and Ezekiel Elliot leading the Buckeyes with an 85-yard touchdown to seal the win.
  8. In 2015 Ezekiel Elliot led the Ohio State Buckeyes with 1,128 rushing yards surpassing the Oregon Ducks Marcus Mariota, the final score of this National Championship game was 42-20. The Buckeyes had destroyed the Ducks the whole game but Urban Meyer just wanted to prove something so he had Elliot score a last-second touchdown.
  9. In the 2019 National Championship match, the Clemson Tigers and Trevor Lawrence beat Tua Tagavoiloa and the Alabama Crimson Tide 44-16. In Trevor Lawrence’s first National Championship for the Tigers, he did a great job against the best coach in football history. Tagavoiloa had kind of threw the game away for Alabama, by throwing an interception to let Clemson capitalize on it. In the second quarter, the Tigers went on a 30-0 run and never let Alabama score again.
  10. In 2015 Deshaun Watson led the Clemson Tigers past Baker Mayfield’s Oklahoma Sooners 37-17 to win the Orange Bowl. There was one certain memorable play from this game. Early in the second quarter on a fourth and four the Tigers faked a punt and Andy Teasdall the punter found a wide-open Christian Wilkins for the first down for a Tigers win.