The Dance Team Performed Well at Virtual State

Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

The Rams Dance Team has had a unique and somewhat disappointing season this year, only performing at one competition all season. That competition was State and it was virtual.

The team consists of 16 dancers: seniors Madeline Becker, Aspyn Williams, Marissa Ausdemore, MacKenzie Woods, Meg Denton, Amanda Kephart, and Tori Hayes. Juniors include Hailey Tate, Alissa Brummer, Kenzie Fichter, and Madison Bahr. Sophomore Makayna McCrave is joined by freshmen Addie Newberry, Carlie Clemmer, and Abby McDaneld. 

The Glenwood Dance Team received a D1 superior rating. Earning a D1 superior rating at State, the team also submitted with six solo routines four individuals, Bahr, Ausdemore, Denton, and Becker all receiving a D1 superior rating. 

Nobody knew what 2020 was going to look like for athletes and students, but these dancers made the most of it and enjoyed the friendships that the dance team cultivated 

“I was very excited for this season, I was able to compete in the solo category at the state and was extremely happy with my results,” said Bahr. “The girls are the sweetest and we are all very close. We love our coach Cheri and she is very good at keeping us motivated and optimistic.”

For the seniors, this year was an especially tough season but they made the most of it.

“I was excited that I could be a leader for the team and be a good influence on the new members of the team this season,” said Ausdemore. “I was excited to build new relationships that I never thought I’d be able to. It’s amazing to see how fast a team can form by putting a bunch of girls from all different grades together who have never even had a conversation with each other before.”

Clearly, 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, and the dance team regretted having no competitions. Only performing at football games and basketball games in front of the fans, had to suffice for the talented team.

“There was a camp that we could not attend, although they had a virtual clinic,” said Head Coach Cheri Maxwell. “Being together was limited, but I’m thankful for the good weather so we could practice outside as much as possible. We’ve masked and had holes from quarantines. Then being shut down two weeks before state competition which we could not compete in person was a little disappointing.”

The Dance team will perform next January 8 at the Boys Basketball game at Glenwood High School.