Allstate Choir Results Are In


Teresa Hutchinson

The 2020 Allstate choir winners senior Sarah Clayton, junior Dana Cutshall, and junior Josh Nieman, missing sophomore Darek Taylor.

Teresa Hutchinson, News and Feature Editor

Allstate choir results are in as of November, four GCHS students were selected. The students joining the Allstate choir members include sophomore Darek Taylor, junior Dana Cutshall, junior Josh Nieman and senior Sarah Clayton.

Around 2,000 students from all over the state auditioned for this choir. The number was rather low given the level of difficulty created by the pandemic of this year’s auditions. The Allstate Selection committee governed by the Iowa High School Music Association selected 600 from the state 92 spots available for the Southwest region.

Tryouts were virtual and especially demanding.

Instructor Kevin Kilpatrick said, “These students worked extremely hard this year. Normally students would sing in quartets at a live audition. This year they had to sing a capella) and solo. This made an already difficult audition harder.”

Nieman practiced long and hard for this moment. Being his second year accepted, he was able to compare the new challenges to the previous year.

“It took a lot more motivation than last year due to the uncertainty,” Nieman said. “This year we had to do it alone, so it was impossible to hide behind other people. With everything online, I didn’t get to experience the atmosphere that state has. I couldn’t read the room to see if I impressed the judges or anybody for that matter. We were flying blind.”

Clayton was also challenged by the solo, but with the help of her peers and coaches, she was able to push through them.

“The hardest part was that you had to do it all alone, I worried I could only make it with the direct support of my peers,” said Clayton. “The encouragement and motivation from my peers plus the extra private lessons really pushed me to do my best. Without them, I may have never gone through with actually auditioning.”

Kilpatrick was pleased with all of his students’ hard work.

“This is a huge honor that takes weeks of preparation, and I believed in them all the way,” Kilpatrick said. “I am extremely proud of all of my students.”