Art Students Show off Their Work


Jeff Yoachim

Junior Lauren Culp stands in front of one of her pieces at the Glenwood exhibit.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Editor-in-Chief

Ten art students were selected to show off their art at the Artists Cooperative Gallery in Omaha from now until the end of November. 

“Many students are going to go during the month of November to see the artwork,” said Art Instructor Jeff Yoachim. “It’s great to see the students get this kind of experience, and this is one of the only shows that they have the opportunity to sell their work.”

Senior Lucas Schoening feels honored to see his art on public display.

“It was cool to have my art displayed on the wall,” said Schoening. “It shows that I have made real progress as an artist.”

Junior Lauren Culp enjoys the creative aspect that comes with creating art.

“When I make art, there are unlimited possibilities and outcomes for a piece and going through the creative process,” said Culp. “Coming up with new ideas is my favorite part about art.”

Because of COVID-19, students could not take a field trip to see their artwork; however, they were invited to visit on their own time.

“I went on Friday when it opened,” said Culp, who has had her art displayed twice. “It’s always fun to see something I made up on display in a gallery where professional artists display.”

Members created artwork genres such as paintings, drawings, and ceramics.

“I had two pieces displayed,” said Schoening. “The ones I had displayed were the Snowman and the Cityscape.” 

Students enjoyed being able to have their art exhibited for the first time.

“I enjoyed it,” said junior Aza Sechtem. “I had one piece displayed. It was a distorted picture of my face with aliens in the background. I haven’t been able to visit my art yet unfortunately.”

The ten students whose artwork is on display are sophomores Addison Mitchell, Ashley Aust; juniors Anna Morrison, Lauren Culp, Aza Sechtem; and seniors Lucas Schoening, Kailyn Bickle, Kaydon Good, Ethan Wyatt and Quinn Barton.

Check out their art as well as professional art on display at Artists Cooperative Gallery in Omaha on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from noon to six P.M. now through the end of November.