FCCLA Members Prepare for Virtual Districts Competition


Provided by the Glenwood IA FCS & FCCLA Facebook page

FCCLA members engage in activities during a team meeting.

Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

With their community volunteering and charitable fundraisers, FCCLA has been an important organization in Glenwood for 50 years, and instructor Janis Moore has been the advisor of FCCLA for many of those years.

Members of FCCLA also create presentations and participate in many different competitions. 

The two leaders for the FCCLA this year are seniors President Bree Severn and Vice President Vivianne Payne.

Severn and Payne are both excited about this year and think they have a great chance to go to nationals wherever and how that may come up. 

“My state service project is to increase membership by sending out monthly activities,” said Payne who wants to create closer bonds with fellow state officers.

COVID-19 has affected everything including FCCLA.

COVID will definitely have an impact on our year,” said Severn. “Most likely causing us to travel less and network with not as many members, but I still have a positive attitude towards this year. I look forward to finally being able to travel and qualify for nationals.”

All of Glenwood is trying to keep an open mind although COVID is around. Not a lot has unchanged but they are doing most of the things virtually like districts, states, and nationals.

The following competitions will take place in the future and will hopefully take place around the world. But as of right now districts are January 27 in Logan Magnolia Iowa, State are March 28-30 in Des Moines, and Nationals are June 27- July 1 in Nashville. 

The current members of FCCLA include The FCCLA is hoping they can get to all of their competitions. The members of the FCCLA include freshmen Alison Cannon, Carlie Clemmer, Emily Lundvall, Abby McDaneld, Sydney Rohrberg, and Mia Valquier. Sophomores Amaurya Hunt, Claire Hunt, Trinity Kahl, and Josselyn Wallis. Juniors Lillie Albers, Elizabeth Clark, Presley Turner, Molly Killion,  and Adylyn Oetter. Seniors Maggie Begbie, Vivianne Payne, Cheyanne Groom, Mackenzie Woods, and Bree Severn. 

 If you are interested in joining the FCCLA still you can, they are still taking members but it needs to be soon to be able to affiliate nationals.