Marching Band Season Comes to an End


David Clark

Closing off the season the seniors play the 2020 Marching show for their underclassmen.

Teresa Hutchinson, News and Feature Editor

The Glenwood Marching Band season concludes, not losing a single competition because there were none. In spite of the lack of competition, the band was able to keep their spirits high.

Learning new songs every week and playing those songs for football games has its advantages.

“Marching band is fun every year, but this year more so than the previous ones,” said senior Drum Major Mackenzie Woods. “Despite all the pure fun, while learning new songs constantly, we have learned to enhance our playing and intonation.”

Though the year has been fun, marching band was not everything that was hoped for.

“We planned to go to Missouri Western where the marching band could compete with a whole new variety of competitors,” said Instructor David Clark. “I had a few more parades scheduled than previous years and it is so much fun to watch all of the hard work they put into marching band during those performances.”

Like any other activity, everyone had goals set, for themselves and the band. Sophomore Drum Major Dillion Anderson is proud of the goals the band reached.

“This year the goal was to maintain and improve our playing, since marching was usually limited, and we have surpassed my expectations,” said Anderson. “We have connected and our playing has enhanced a lot more than I even hoped for, we have a great marching band and I am very proud of us.”

With hope for a competitive season next year, junior Drum Major Habour Buchanan gives encouragement to the current freshmen.

“Next year will be hard but the freshmen are hardworking and they are completely capable of making up for the lack of marching experience, and the rest of the band will do everything we can to make sure we are the best we can be,” said Buchanan.