Glenwood Wins Three Conference Championships

The Hawkeye-10 conference members.

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The Hawkeye-10 conference members.

Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

Glenwood fall sports teams won three conference championships this year with the girls’ and boys’ cross country teams both winning first in the Hawkeye Ten and the volleyball team sharing the title with Red Oak. 

The girl’s cross country team has been consistently running well this year; although, this is not the first conference championship. The girls’ conference varsity cross country team consisted of senior Emma Hughes, senior Erin Schultz, sophomore Ryley Nebel,  junior Riley Wiese,  junior Rachel Mullenax, freshmen Lauren Hughes, and senior Karlee Raymond.

 Head Coach Dani Woodman credits the team’s continued success to their ability to stay healthy, and the time and effort they put into practices and meets. 

“We definitely are ranking better than last year, and you can say that as a team we are running better,”  said Woodman. 

As for the boys’ cross country team, Head Coach Todd Peverill attributes the team’s success to their training. 

¨For us it is the right kind of training,” said Peverill. “The boys believe in the training and put forth their best efforts. The hardest thing then is to have the training transfer into a successful race strategy, and this year we did it with very young athletes. 

The boys’ varsity conference championship team was made up of four freshmen, one sophomore, a rookie senior, and a seasoned senior: freshmen Andrew Smith, Bryant Keller, Liam Hayes,  freshmen Maverick Mixan, sophomore Dillon Anderson, seniors Nate Rohrberg and Ethan Chapall.

Smith believes his team and coaches should get the credit. 

“If I didn’t have as good of teammates and coaches, I would not be nearly as successful as I am today,” said Smith. “This team is very talented and wants to prove to everyone that doubted us at the conference meet and this upcoming meet.”

The Glenwood Volleyball team has had their best season ever. The team won their first-ever conference championship this year and are looking forward to postseason play. 

“This volleyball team is different and better this year based on their ability to be on the same page, have the same goals, share similar passions, and work hard and push each other,” said head Coach Chelsey Hurt. “They get excited for everyone and they just want to keep succeeding.”

Senior Elle Scarborough credits the teams’ success to hard work. 

“Success is always working hard and doing your best no matter what,” said left-side Scarborough. “We didn’t have to win one, but we did what we could and worked as hard as we could and got it done.” 

Even with COVID-19 changing practices and competitions, athletes at Glenwood High School still were inspired to do their best no matter what, and they definitely did that this year. 

“I think a lot of things went into accomplishing the goals of winning an H-10 Championship,” said Athletic Director Jeff Bissen. “Our teams and staff work extremely hard and have put in a lot of time to give them these opportunities. We have very talented individuals and leaders, and when all of them work together, they make a very strong team.” 

Bissen believes dedication is behind the fall teams’ athletic successes. 

“I think the biggest thing I see from these student-athletes is the consistent commitment of giving their best effort every day,” said Bissen. 

The boys and girls cross country teams will both compete next Friday, October 30 at state in Fort Dodge and are hoping to bring home two state championships to Glenwood. As for the volleyball team who tied for number one in the Hawkeye-10, the lady Rams defeated the Lewis Central Titans for the Class 4A regional championship Tuesday, October 27, and compete at state Monday, November 2, where they will be playing against the West Delaware Hawks in Cedar Rapids.