Show Choir Membership Increases


Kevin Kilpatrick

The 2020 fastlane is getting ready for the show choir season.

Terra Jensen, Entertainment Editor

The Glenwood Show Choir is stronger than ever this year despite the current pandemic.

With 31 singers/dancers and around 18 in the band, plus their two technology assistants, they have around 50 members. This is almost twice as many as the 29 members participating two years ago. Although, with this many members navigating COVID restrictions, it has been difficult.

“Keeping as much distance as possible has been a real challenge,” said Director Kevin Kilpatrick. “But we’ve been able to work with it.”

During practice and rehearsals, everyone has to wear a mask and try their best to social distance.

“The masks do get in the way a lot, but that doesn’t make show choir less enjoyable,” said senior Laura Millar. “This is my third year being in the show choir and I am so proud of how far we as a group have come.”

Senior Sarah Clayton joined her sophomore year and has watched the choir get better and better over the years.

“Yes, I am extremely proud of everyone in the choir,” said Clayton. “All the returning members have come so far and I’ve enjoyed watching them improve over the years.”

With COVID restrictions in place, the choir doesn’t have any competitions guaranteed in the future. They hope to be able to compete.