Large Group Speech Competitions Go Online


Adam Clayton

Last year’s graduates Adam Clayton, Cody Lampman, Tanner Williams, and Sam Lampman pictured here were part of Clayton’s All State short film, Dodgebrawl.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Editor-in-Chief

The large group speech season is starting soon. Members can still compete in the same categories as usual, but because of COVID-19 the competition will be online.

Members can choose to compete in multiple categories, including one-act play, musical theater, readers theater, choral reading, group improv, short film, radio and TV broadcasting and individual and group mime. They can perform in multiple or just one if they choose.

“I have competed in improv, reader’s theatre, one act and I helped with a short film briefly,” said senior MacKenzie Woods.

Senior Maya Silvius who has been a member of large group speech since her sophomore year, has also participated in several categories.

“I’ve done improv, reader’s theater, one-act, and this year I’m also trying the mime category,” said Silvius. “Large group is pretty entertaining”

Large Group Speech Coach Jeff DeYoung said preparation has many question marks.

“It will be different, just like everything else,” said DeYoung. “We have to rehearse and plan differently. We also have to keep in mind that district and state contests will be held virtually as we are preparing.”

Woods feels like going virtual for large group speech was a good decision.

“While I do believe it might be harder to get excited about large group speech if we are unable to show off our hard work to a cheering audience,” said Woods. “I am glad the state is taking precautionary measures to help decrease exposure to Covid-19.”

Woods enjoys the environment and friendship that comes with large group speech.

“I enjoy acting and entertaining people while also being able to hang out with my friends, doing something we all love,” said Woods. “While it is work, it is usually a very fun environment.”

If students are interested in joining large group speech email Jeff DeYoung at [email protected]. There is a category for everyone and they are always welcoming new members.