Art Club Inspiring Creative Minds


Jeff Yoachim

Art club members from left to right: Juniors Terra Jensen and Lauren Culp; senior Lucas Schoening, freshmen Eve Belt, Sarah Richardson, Emberlee Anderson, Evie Stanton, Katy Plambeck, and Noah King.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Editor-in-Chief

The art club is in full swing again this fall. With over 21 members, creativity is expressed through a variety of forms. They are always happy to accept new members.

“I really enjoy socializing with other members, and to be honest, I don’t think we come for the art,” said junior Art Club Vice-President Terra Jensen. “Advisor Jeff Yoachim’s room is such a laid back and relaxing environment.”

Yoachim has been advising the art club for eight years. Unlike his normal art classes, art club does not create works for competitions.

“Art club does not usually compete in competitions, it is more production oriented,” said Yoachim. “Regular art classes participate in competitions.”

While there are 21 members signed up for the art club, member count is fluid and ever changing.

“The membership fluctuates depending on the season.  We can have anywhere from six to 16,” said Yoachim.

Art club doesn’t make traditional full length projects; instead, they opt to create smaller pieces for fun.

“In art club, we don’t make art as you would think we make quick little DIY crafts. My favorite craft so far was making pumpkin pom-poms,” said Jensen.

Art club members appreciate the freedom and creativity that comes with the group.

“My favorite part of art club is that everyone gets to express themselves in their own way,” said junior Art Club President Lauren Culp. “I think it’s really fun and welcoming when we promote that creativity.”

Students wishing to join the art can show up at the meeting, there is no need to sign up. The next meeting will be in about two weeks, follow the announcements for the official date. Students can contact Yoachim for more information at [email protected]