Volleyball Team Looking for Another Trip to State


Cole Lewis

The Glenwood Volleyball team saving the ball as they play Saint Albert

Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

The Glenwood Volleyball team is looking strong this season. With a record of 23-1, the Lady Rams are number one in their conference and they are not looking back.

The Lady Rams Volleyball team has only gone to state once which was last year when they sadly lost in the first round. Except, the team this year is looking to repeat a trip to state and move forward.

“This team is well-rounded, competitive, and hungry,” said Head Coach Chelsey Hirt. “It will be a battle, but I am feeling confident in this team to make it to the state tournament for the second time.”

The team has talented players who have numerous goals for this season.

“We always set goals for ourselves before each game,” said senior Kelly Embray, “but other than that, we’re continuing to focus on the big goals we set for ourselves before the season and just being the best we can be.”

The team definitely has its qualities since they have only lost one game. There are stand-out players like Kelly Embray who has a total of 321 digs and Elle Scarborough with a total of 317 kills. Also, Brynlee Arnold has a total of 61 total blocks lastly senior Grace Boles has a total of 643 assists.

“Our best qualities and strengths in our team would be the chemistry for sure, and probably how comfortable we are with each other,” said junior Coryl Matheny. “We are a very wild, bubbly, and energetic team and I wouldn’t want to be playing with anyone else.”

The team will go to Lewis Central and face the Titans in a conference battle on October 13.