Mountain Dew Voodew Review

Voodews Mystery flavor can be guessed on the Rambler's Poll

Voodews Mystery flavor can be guessed on the Rambler’s Poll

Teresa Hutchinson, News and Feature Editor

Mountain Dew has released its second limited-edition drink for the spooky season of Halloween. It is only available from September to November and the flavor is a mystery.

The Halloween-themed flavor last year was revealed to be candy corn but there were a plethora of theories about the flavor, ranging from orange or red Skittles to pink Starbursts.

Last year, Pepsico did not leave its customers without help though. They offered hints on the product labels. It depicted a faceless ghoul who wears an orange hood with white lining and yellow lettering inside that spells out VooDew. Orange, white, and yellow are the colors of traditional candy corn.

This year the guesses range from marshmallows to rainbow sherbet. With so many sweet Halloween flavors, it can be hard to distinguish the differences.

This year the label has mainly greens and reds, with small splashes of yellow and blue. There is a little surprise in the background, however. The tree seen behind the ghost has the letters “andi crufty” in its trunk which many consider being an anagram. The company also promises to release more hints as October continues to pass.

VooDew can be found in most gas stations, Walmart, Target and other general stores. Consumers can guess the flavor via Instagram and on the Rambler’s poll.