Blood Drive Thrives During Pandemic

Blood Drive Thrives During Pandemic

Terra Jensen, Entertainment Editor

While the world seems to be falling apart, one thing is staying strong: the American Red Cross has been thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here at the high school, they have several blood drives a year which are organized with the help of Biomedical instructor Jennifer Lewis and a committee of six students; senior Erin Schultz, juniors Kennedy Jones and Grant Von Esson, sophomores Trice Buchanan and Ryley Nebel, and freshman Abigail McDaneld.

“I actually think COVID has helped our blood drives,” said Lewis. “In May, because everything was shut down and people were working from home, we had a great turnout.”

The blood drive held at the high school is considered one of the smallest drives and normally collects around 30 units of blood. In May they collected 68 units, in July they collected 64 units and in September they collected 58 units.

Even though the virus seems to be helping the blood drive, every year the committee faces the challenge of recruiting donors.

“The biggest challenge when preparing for the blood drive would definitely be getting people to sign up,” said Jones. “We go around at lunch the week before the drive to get students at the high school to sign up.”

Scheduling is always an issue when attracting donors.

“Although people have a desire to donate, it’s hard to fit it into their busy schedules,” said Schultz.

If students are interested in donating, the next blood drive will be November 10. One blood donation can save up to three lives.