Cheerleaders Help Save Homecoming


Wendy Bales

Cheerleaders from left to right freshman Jennifer Leece, senior Joslyn Neppl, sophomore Makayna McCrave, freshman Mackenzie Marrero. Surprising senior football player Silas Bales with his poster.

Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

Cheerleaders bringing up the spirit in Glenwood cheering at the games, or cheering during the pep rally, painting windows and painting posters they are always bringing the spirit to the school.

The cheerleaders paint numerous store windows and also paint signs for the junior and senior varsity football players. Then they stealthy deliver the posters to the players houses under the cover of the darkness.

Even though COVID-19 hit, the senior cheerleaders made sure they didn’t ruin there senior year.

“I am truly grateful we get some sort of homecoming,” said senior Chloe Morse” This year group of seniors and I actually attended the City Council meeting and expressed common concerns and measures that could be taken to keep others safe, as well as have the parade”

Because of their efforts the council reversed their decision to cancel the parade and decided to have a modified parade this year. Homecoming is important to these seniors and they always have to fight for the most important things.

“I think homecoming is a very important tradition in Glenwood,” said Maggie Begbie “I wasn’t going to let COVID ruin my or my classes senior year, I fought hard to have a parade this year I spent hours on the phone with city council members talking about what changes we can do and still have a parade I also went to the city council meeting for voting on a parade . The vote was 3-2 with having a parade winning. I wasn’t going to let go of my senior year without a fight. ”

COVID hit hard and created several limitations for the cheerleaders.

“We are limited in the ways that we can’t all ride the fire trucks in the parade, nor can we do a routine like usual,” said senior Madeline Becker. “However, we adapted and put on a great show as well as show positive leaders within the community.”

With the limitations there are also precautions needed to have a cheer season imposed by the stats cheer organization.

“We have to wear a mask to and from the event once on the track and social distancing so we do not have to have a mask on,” said Head Coach Dixie Thomas. “Cheerleaders normally are approximately 6 feet apart, so that is normal. We are having reduced number of practices and try to remain in the same groups.”