Staff Editorial: Students are Ruining Their Own School Year

Rambler Staff

Despite the current pandemic looking more and more uncertain than ever, it seems like life here at Glenwood High School has returned to normal. Fewer and fewer students are wearing masks, social distancing is all but forgotten, and to many students, life here is back to usual. This is the problem.

COVID-19 cases in Iowa are still soaring, and yet mask mandates are being discouraged by our governor, despite data proving the effectiveness of masks at preventing spread of the virus. Fewer and fewer students in Glenwood are wearing masks and some never even wore them from the start, believing it is their personal right. If this keeps up, cases will start popping up and spreading like wildfire, sports will be cancelled or fans will not be permitted, extracurricular activities like band and choir may be canceled, dances too, and in the worst case scenario the school will go completely online for two weeks. Students’ ignorance and unawareness of extremely crucial safeguards as simple as wearing a mask will bring negative effects on the school year, as in the case Fremont Mills High School, where they had their first positive COVID-19 cases, and now they have cancelled their football and volleyball games for this week. Could it be us next?

Social distancing in Glenwood has been practically ignored. Students are clustering like sardines in hallways, at football games, even just in their own classrooms. Some classes have so many students that desks are impossible to spread out. This is a huge problem because if just a few students get infected, there are hundreds of people they have interacted with in just a couple days. Contact tracing will be a chaotic manhunt and an outbreak could easily start. This could spiral out of control and, like in the case of the masks, lead to cancellations of everything, even in-person school.

With these factors considered, it is clear that many of the students here in the high school don’t care about COVID-19. A lot of people feel like Glenwood is so isolated from the world that it could never happen here, or they simply refuse to believe it exists or that it’ll just magically disappear after the election. Due to their negligence of current events, students are going to ruin their own school year.


Staff Vote: Unanimous