COVID-19 Survey Results Portray Conflicting Opinions


Robin Hundt

Students walk through a hallway during passing period with some wearing masks and some not. It is likely that mask usage has decreased since the time of the survey.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Editor-in-Chief

The majority of students and staff believe that masks should be mandated in hallways and classrooms with 63.2% voting yes on a mandate. 

Over 163 students and staff responded to a survey about COVID-19 created and sent to the entire student body and high school employees by the Rambler staff. The survey included questions such as whether they wear a mask in the school, to their opinion on how the local, state, and national governments have responded to the pandemic. This is the data as of September 10.

“COVID is a real disease,” said junior Paris Hayes. “Why would the entire world lie about that? Masks should be required. They protect everyone around you, not just you. They’re like vaccines. If only 50% of a given group has the vaccine for measles the whole group is at risk.”

Some had opposing opinions on mask mandates.

“Requiring a mask is a violation of our rights,” said junior Evan Todd. “If a student doesn’t wear a mask, and it is not in the handbook, we do not need to wear masks. While it may be frowned upon, we are not required to wear masks.”

Most students and staff felt the district administration reacted well to the virus, with 80.4% being satisfied with the guidelines and response.

“I am so glad to be back in school,” said Teacher Associate Gabriella Goetzinger. “I think the admins have done all they possibly can to make the return as safe as possible.”

Not every student believes the district has handled the virus as well.

“They brought us back to school with more cases than when we left,” said senior Victoria Hays.

Students and staff are divided on whether they believe COVID-19 is a health or political issue, with 47.2% saying both, 40.5% saying health, 11% saying political, and 1.2% saying neither.

“It is obviously a health issue but it is more so a political issue,” said senior Corban Entinger. “It’s being used to portray the president as unsatisfactory to the masses so he will not return back to office following the election.”

Others believe COVID-19 is more of a health issue.

“I believe that our leaders could have been more proactive to help reduce the numbers of deaths and people who have contracted this virus,” said Teaching Coach Kathi Krzycki. “I don’t think we would have been in this position if they would have said everyone needs to wear a mask.  If mandated mask wearing would have been started right away we may not have had the number of cases we do in Iowa.”