Senior Nights Honor Class of 2021


Jess Heron

Senior Peyton Maxwell walks with parents Steve and Cheri Maxwell on August 28.

Gordon Tuomikoski, Editor-in-Chief

The Glenwood High School administration honored seniors in band, cheer, dance, football and cross country at the football games on August 28 and September 4. Volleyball players were honored at their September 9 game.

“I enjoyed being honored at senior night. It was cool,” senior Peyton Maxwell said.

Senior Zander Hayes commended the administration for doing such a good job at honoring the seniors.

“It was cool to be with my parents in front of everyone,” said Hayes. “I think the school did a good job of honoring everyone. It did not take long, that way we could get back on the field as quickly as possible.”

Senior night was held much earlier than previous years due to Covid concerns.

“Traditionally, it’s the last home game of the year,” Activities Director Jeff Bissen said. “But with Covid we wanted to ensure we had senior night as soon as possible to ensure seniors don’t miss out in case we weren’t able to have our last event.”

Maxwell was glad senior nights were held earlier.

“I thought it was a good idea because I feel like there would’ve been a lot of unhappy people if we shut down before honoring the seniors,” Maxwell said.

With the year being more uncertain, and another shutdown seeming inevitable to some, many wonder if the Class of 2021 should be treated with as much compassion as the Class of 2020 was back in the spring.

“I think every class has their challenge,” said Senior Nathan Rohrberg. “I don’t think anyone needs special treatment.”

Senior football players include: Zander Hayes, Ryan Blum, Alex Dollen, Silas Bales, Logan Miller, Logan Clark, Andrew Gill, Hunter Hauger, Tristan Harger, Sully Woods, Kane Watson, Zach Zielstra, Grant Ramsay, Riley Giesting, Trey Hansen, Gavin Biermann, Ethan Wyatt and Peyton Maxwell.

Senior band members include: Mackenzie Woods, Marissa Ausdemore, Vivianne Payne, Sierra Green, Ashlyn Hilgerson, Jason Gerhardt, Felix Cooper, Brandon Morris, Nevyn Cordell, Sarah Clayton, Maggie Begbie, Chloe Morse, Grace Minchew, Karlee Raymond, Trinity Hartley, Jocelyn Lindgryn, Nathan Rohrberg, Conner Smith, Cadence Ewald, Joslyn Nepple, Noah Kolle, Dylon Cox, Jaden Gaylord, Troy Schuppan, Kaiden Rang, Lachlan Ruff, Corban Entinger, Peyton Maxwell, Madeline Becker, Maya Silvius, Brady Shannon and Gordon Tuomikoski.

Senior boys cross country runners include: Ethan Chappell, Corban Entinger, Tyler Huey, Kaiden Rang, Nathan Rohrberg and Trevor Warren.

Senior girls cross country runners include: Lauren Becker, Emma Hughes, Abby Mcintyre, Karlee Raymond, Erin Schultz and Maya Silvius.

Senior fall cheerleaders include: Madeline Becker, Maggie Begbie, Sierra Green, Cheyanne Groom, Jocelynn Lindgren, Grace Minchew, Chloe Morse, Joslyn Nepple, Carmen Strosinski and Aspyn Williams.

Senior dance members include; Aspyn Williams, Mackenzie Woods, Madeline Becker, Meg Denton, Amanda Kephart, Victoria Hays and Marissa Ausdemore.

Senior volleyball players include: Kelly Embray, Elle Scarborough, Grace Boles and manager Haley Woods.