Volleyball Team Starts Season Strong


Provided By Glenwood Volleyball Team

The Glenwood Volleyball Team celebrating after winning all 5 tournament games.

Cole Lewis, Sports Editor

The Lady Rams Volleyball team is 10-1 on the season to day. Their only loss was to Red Oak Tigers on September 8. 

The Lady Rams are well into their season having competed against Tri-Center, MVAOCOU, Sidney, Underwood, Atlantic, Treynor, St. Albert, Winterset, and Red Oak so far. The team has had a challenging start to their season competing at three different tournaments while also dealing with COVID-19. 

“Our season has changed in the fact that I as a coach do not get to see all the girls practicing,” said Head Coach Chelsey Hirt. “We put down the divider in the gym to assist with social distancing and so I only have at most 20 girls on my side of the gym. This is difficult for me because I am always curious to see others excel. We also sanitize a lot and have eliminated high fives to each other. The volleyball guidelines, in general, have also changed.”

Even with the new COVID-19 protocols in place, the team member remains goal-oriented. Returning senior libero Kelly Embray has a lofty amount of goals for this season.

“Our goals are to win Hawkeye Ten and go to state and win,” Embray said. 

The team boasts impressive stats. Senior setter Grace Boles leads the team with 224 assists, Senior left-side Elle Scarborough also has 129 kills and 11 serving aces, and Embray takes charge with 134 digs on the season. 

The Lady Rams have played admirably so far this season and have numerous strengths, but there is always room for improvement. 

“Our strengths are hitting and blocking,” said Boles. “What we need to work on is our chemistry and building up confidence especially in underclassmen who haven’t gotten much varsity time before this year.”

Come and support the volleyball team when they face the Treynor Cardinals and the Atlantic Trojans in a triangular in Atlantic on Tuesday, September 15.