SLO Off to a Good Start



Spanish Instructor Denise Schultz prepares for an SLO student to login to her class.

Teresa Hutchinson, News and Feature Editor

With the Coronavirus still in the picture, fifty students have decided to play it safe by going to school, at home. The change has had minimal effect on teachers and students.

Both the students and teachers believe that while the students can get the work done it would be more beneficial for them if they had stayed in the classroom to collaborate with the other students.

“It’s still an experience to be in a classroom,” said Instructor Elizabeth Maryott, “Especially as we get further into chemistry, it becomes more collaborative between all of the students.”

While the transition from in-class to online learning has not been terribly difficult, there is a unanimous issue among the teachers.

“The hardest thing about the online classes is simply remembering to turn on the meet and make sure everything is set up so that they can easily see and understand what I am teaching,” said social studies Instructor Maria Jacobus.

The school is constantly improving the technology to help the online students get the fullest learning experience from the safety of their homes.

“It was rather difficult at first. The screens were blurry, and I couldn’t really hear many of my teachers, but with the new microphones it has become a lot easier to understand and follow along,” said senior Lucas Schoening.

While the online classes have a few perks, so far most students want to come back to school so they can have their high school experience.

“I miss being able to hang out with my friends at lunch and socialize throughout the day with all of my classmates,” said junior Keegan McFerrin.