Coronavirus Brings Change for Students


A prom dress and graduation gown 2020 seniors might not get the chance to wear. Photo provided by Robin Hundt.

Isabella Milone, Co-Editor in Chief

COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has changed the lives of students across the globe.

 Schools have been closed for quarantine purposes since the middle of March. Teachers and administrators have been rushing to find suitable ways to enrich their students’ education before the end of the year. 

Glenwood has decided to do online voluntary learning, where students do not have to complete course work, but teachers provide opportunities for educational enrichment.

“We are going voluntary for new learning to occur from April 14 through the remainder of the shutdown and possibly the remainder of the school year,” said Superintendent Devin Embray.  “Students are not required to do the new learning; however, if they don’t, they could end up in a transition class next fall to ensure they have the skill sets to be successful in their classes.” 

For graduating seniors who have been worried about graduation credits, as of right now, graduation requirements will remain the same. 

“At this time we are not changing requirements for graduation,” said Embray. “However, we are working hard with the seniors who are not passing classes at this point so they can graduate. I would encourage seniors to be as engaged as they can be at this point.”

Of those students impacted, seniors have arguably had the worst of it. They missed out and are still missing out on important senior year experiences. 

“It’s really disheartening how badly this is affecting not only mine, but the whole class of 2020’s senior year,” said senior Tanner Williams. “Since my early days of high school I have been looking forward to my senior March Madness, prom, and walking at graduation, and of course due to this virus I am unable to currently do any of that.” 

The administration is trying to accommodate seniors, since they also believe this virus has a large impact on the 2020 class. 

“I really feel for the seniors as they are not experiencing their senior year like we or anyone thought they would,” said Embray. “These are definitely uncharted times and for the time being they should try to make the most of the moments they have and be safe in doing so. We will try and do what we can as a school district to still make their senior year memorable outside of COVID.” 

Though many negative things have resulted from COVID-19, students are trying to find positive things. 

“Some positive things to come out of this would be how this pandemic has helped me realize to make sure to live in the moment, to not try and rush things,” said senior Makinzie Kayl. “It has helped me learn to really live with my eyes open. I’ve been able to do more of the things that I would enjoy doing in my free time, like reading and crafts.” 

At the time of publication, 2020 Prom has been moved to June 20. Graduation has not yet been decided upon.