Animal Crossing New Horizons Review: A Warm Welcome to Paradise

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Tanner Williams, Entertainment Editor

There’s nothing like wanting to fly to a deserted island and use your own imagination to express yourself in paradise. The recently released video game for the Nintendo Switch, “Animal Crossing New Horizons” does just that.

Animal Crossing is a franchise that has been around since 2001, keeping itself hidden as a Nintendo exclusive property. The most recent installment of New Horizons brings the players into an immersive beach resort world, where you get to customize your character and build your very own paradise. Using materials you gather from the land around you, the player is able to craft all sorts of buildings and decorations to make the new island seem like home.

When I went to go pick up the game in mid-March, this was my first experience with the Animal Crossing franchise. I have heard about it here and there, but had never actually experienced any of the games beforehand. With this most recent title releasing I decided it was time for me to dip my toes into the franchise.

Starting the game, you arrive at an airport and are greeted by two raccoons who prompt you to customize a character to look any way you’d like. After doing such, they load you onto a plane and you set sail for a new island of your choosing to call home. Upon arriving, you are welcomed by wealthy millionaire Tom Nook, who greets you and the other two residents who tag along that are chosen at random. Given a tent and some other niceties, you must find a place to build your new home and gather materials to create a town from the ground up.

The graphics are crucial when it comes to reviewing a game, and “Animal Crossing New Horizons” is no joke. This game comes with premium graphics that give the plants and animals this charming and furry appearance that looks like it just came out of a film. These graphics stay the same throughout the majority of the game and are met with great animations to make them work.

Getting the chance to build your own town on a deserted island makes for a fun time playing with friends or family, although I do believe these actions get a little monotonous at times. Once you get past the tutorial phase you’ll have a good understanding of the game’s foundations, only being able to build on to what you have made or start new projects. This is set aside by the huge amount of customization that the game lets you do. Your methods will always be the same, but no two gaming sessions will be identical with this software.

Overall, “Animal Crossing New Horizons” can be slightly tedious at times and limiting, but the great amount of control the game lets you take should not be overlooked. Customization is key when it comes to making each playthrough unique, and this game does just that with its small and cute animal residents. This is a game that is nice to have during this current time of social distancing to be able to connect with others.


8/10 stars