Pixar’s Onward Review: An Enchanting Story


Photo from nerdevil.it

Tanner Williams, Entertainment Editor

Walt Disney Pixar has recently released its newest installment into their wide array of films, releasing back in March 2020. The film is an animated hit that follows the epic tale of Ian (Tom Holland) and Barley (Chris Pratt) Lightfoot, two elven brothers.

This movie was created as a homage to the popular board game of dungeons and dragons, on top of the well known renaissance era. Although, this story puts a twist on the average medieval times tale, asking us how these stories would look like if modern day technology met the magic of yore.

In this movie, magic used to be the source of power that could help anyone in need, and helped bring peace to the land. Although, magic was hard to master for most. Over years, the creatures of the land began to invent many great machines and such that could help better their lives in an easier way than magic ever could. Such machines as the refrigerator, air planes, and vehicles.

Ian Lightfoot is an average elf attending high school who lives with his mother and quest obsessing brother Barley, who upon turning 16 is given a gift from his mother that was to be passed on by his father at this time. The birthday gift in question turns out to be a magical wizard staff, the likes of which haven’t been seen for decades. Along with the staff, their father attached a note with a spell that would allow him to be brought back to life for one whole day. Unfortunately, the spell went unfinished and only summoned their fathers legs instead of his whole body. The two brothers then decide they must embark on a quest to retrieve the only item that will allow them to see their father one last time before the day is over.

The art of animation is one that is very difficult to master, taking years upon years to get a finished piece. This movie in particular blows the audience away with its stunning graphics and talented detail to every little picture, a feat that is not easy to do.

With the story being the main heart of the film, it’s an important aspect that should never go overlooked. “Onward” has a genuine and unique story that going into the film for the first time seems fresh and brand new. The action and emotional scenes are portrayed very well through movement, and the voice talents of the cast bring these moments to life.

All in all, “Onward” is a great animated tale to enjoy while at home with the family or hanging out with friends. Featuring many astounding voice talents, and hundreds of great workers behind the scenes, this movie is one that can really create an entire era of story in the short amount of time that is the film.


8.5/10 stars