Student Activity Survey Reveals Daily Quarantine Life


Photo provided by Derek Taylor

Tanner Williams, Entertainment Editor

During these times away from school, the lives of students change drastically from what was once their normal daily routines.

The Rambler staff sent a survey to the student body recently asking them various questions about how much time they spend doing certain activities now that they are at home. Of the 600 plus students surveyed, 140 responses were recorded.

When asked what time they get up in the morning nowadays, around 50% of respondents said they now wake up between 8 and 10 a.m. Only about 20% still wake up between 6 to 8 a.m. as they would on a normal school day, with the remaining 30% starting their days after 10 a.m.

Next, the students were asked what time they go to bed at night, knowing they don’t have to wake up for school the next morning. With over 40% of the respondents answering they don’t go to bed until midnight or later, the next 30% said they now go to bed between eleven and midnight.

Third, students were asked how much time they spend browsing social media a day, and surprisingly the majority answers were anywhere from only one to four hours a day on social media. Along the same line, students were asked how much time they spent playing video games a day, with over 50% saying less than an hour a day is spent playing video games. Perhaps this is skewed because those playing video games did not stop to reply to the Rambler’s survey.  The final related question asked along these lines was how much time is spent watching tv on a daily basis. With almost three equally split groups responding at 30%,  the answers were either less than an hour, one to two hours, or two to four hours.

Family is the most important thing in the world to most, but the majority of participating students answered that they spend around two to four hours engaging in activities with family daily.

When asked how much time each student takes per day to do some form of physical activity, nearly 50% responded that they spend around one to two hours a day engaged in such activities. Some of these activities include personal exercise routines, sports related activities and games, or a simple run around the neighborhood.

Despite being away from school, many teachers have sent different assignments to their students over email or google classroom. Around 40% of the participants responded that they check for updates from teachers daily. Now that teachers are required to send out information and assignments to students, perhaps that percentage will increase.