The “Pink” Supermoon


Lucas Hug, Advertising Manager

On the night of April 8, the largest moon of the year rose into the sky. This moon is called the “pink” moon.

The first full moon of spring, its name comes from native North American wildflowers that bloom in early springtime: Phlox subulata, known as “moss pink,” according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

April’s full moon has also been known as the “sprouting grass moon” or “egg moon,” heralding other first signs of spring.

According to NASA, the moon itself won’t look pink, but it may appear more golden as it rises above the horizon. That’s due to an effect caused by our atmosphere, similar to how the sun can appear redder as it rises and sets.

Every year you can see 12 full moons, one for each month. But in 2020, October will have two full moons. This is known as a “blue moon,” and the fact that the second one falls on Halloween truly makes this event “once in a blue moon.”

This year will have up to four supermoons total, when the moon appears even larger and brighter in our sky due to the moon’s elliptical orbit of Earth, meaning it’s at its closest point and largest in the sky. The next supermoon will occur on May 7, according to CNN.

And keep an eye on the sky in mid-April for a grouping of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and the moon in beautiful, bright alignment. This won’t happen again for a couple of years, according to NASA.