Superintendent Embray Announcement 3/31


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Isabella Milone, Co-Editor in Chief

The following is an announcement from Superintendant Embray from March 31:

We are still in a holding pattern regarding e-learning and hope to have more communication concerning that in the next day or so.  The Department of Education held a guidance webinar today and many questions were asked/answered.  Our administrative team will be meeting over the next couple of days to make a determination moving forward.

I did want to update you on a Mills County Emergency Management guidance regarding youth activities.  Please see attached flyer.  They do not want any youth sports practicing or being around each other in groups.  This pertains to any sport that would share a ball.  Please help us in keeping kids from doing group activities by not allowing them to go and do things in a group of more than ten less than six feet apart.  Regarding the use of a ball, we do not want to see kids sharing soccer balls or playing catch.  At this time, the school district has shut down all school playgrounds to public use.  The complex remains open at the current time, for INDIVIDUAL workouts of 9-12 spring sports students.  If we see students playing in pick up games or in groups less than six feet apart and or in groups larger than 10, we will close the complex until further notice.

Lastly, we know that things are not normal for anyone.  Especially when both parents and all kids are under the same roof for extended amounts of time.  Cindi Mitchell of Healthy Homes Family Therapy has in person, telehealth and telephonic therapy sessions available for families.  Please see the attached flyers.

We hope that you and your family are doing well.  Please keep your students engaged in the learning that we have provided if possible.  It will pass the time, and give them something to do that will help in their learning for the time being.  Stay strong, reach out to loved ones, or extended family, or friends if you need someone to help guide you off the cliff.  We will make it through this.

Have as great a day as you can!



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