IWCC Announcement

Isabella Milone, Co-Editor in Chief

The following is an announcement regarding IWCC classes from Mrs. Rodenburg.

ALL IWCC classes will pick back up in an online format starting Monday. IWCC’s final day to withdraw and receive “W” on their transcripts is Monday, April 13th.

Just a reminder: Although you receive a “W” on IWCC transcripts, dropping means taking an F at Glenwood and could drop you below the minimum of 5 academic classes. If this will take you below the 5 academic classes, then dropping is not an option.

A reminder, all College Early Start students, whether they are taking IWCC initiated or HS initiated, have access to the same learning materials our traditional students do. Some student services we offer include; tutoring, disability services, virtual library, Microsoft 365, and more. Students can access these learning resources by going through ROC. Use the “menu” option on the left side, and then select “Academics”, then “Academic Resource Center”.

Let me know if you have any questions. I hope you are all doing well.