International SEL Day

Isabella Milone, Co-Editor in Chief

Help Us Recognize International SEL Day!!

Friday, March 27, 2020

What: International SEL Day is a day meant to draw awareness to the importance of Social Emotional Learning in our schools

Why: SEL provides students with critical social skills needed to build and maintain relationships throughout their lives, in addition to learning how to manage their own emotions.

Who: ALL OF US!  Adults–parents, teachers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, kids

What can you do to help?: Spread the word about SEL.  Share posts on social media or across other networking strategies available to you.  Contact policymakers!

*Social Distancing Ideas for spreading the word about SEL:

Self-Awareness: Post something special about what makes you unique on social media with #SELday

  • Self-Management: Give an example (on social media) of something you have been doing to manage your emotions during this time of social distancing with #SELday

  • Social Awareness: Leave a kind message with sidewalk chalk on a neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk with #SELday

  • Relationship Skills: Post how you’re using effective communication to get along with your family while you’re all together at home right now with #SELday

  • Tell us what you’re grateful for.


Tell us how you’re working to help people less fortunate than you right now.

Thank you for supporting the Social Emotional Learning of our students, families, and staff in Glenwood Community School District!  We look forward to seeing your posts! (Post on Glenwood CSD Facebook Page or Ramily Matters Facebook Page)

Go Rams!